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Measurement & Monetization

Examine some of our successful approaches to measuring social communication effectiveness and impacts to the bottom line through Digital Royalty’s Return on Influence (ROI) and Revenue Per Available Fan and Follower (RevPAF) metrics.

How to Get a Job in Social Communication

The job banks are overflowing for those in social communication. Learn all the best job-landing strategies and tips from those hiring within this growing category.

Social Media & Customer Service

See how some of the best minds in social communication have turned their platforms into forums for customer interaction, building relationships, and, ultimately, saving money. Find out how social communication can be even more effective then the telephone or TV.

Social Legal

For those of you in the legal profession learn about FDA social communication guidelines and how to develop a social communication policies and crisis communication plan. Make sure you know the legal pitfalls of social media before you learn about them the hard way.

Social TV

Discover the powerful place where social communication and TV content blend together – and what it means for the future.

Twitter/Facebook Advertising

Explore the best paths to getting noticed when spending advertising dollars on these two social communication platforms. Learn how influence leads to conversion.

Video Sharing Platforms

Get training on the best practices for developing video content, including how and what to capture.

Social Communication Tools

Start your social adventures off the right way with an overview of various social platforms, the mobile apps we recommend, account optimization, and the best listening and monitoring tools.


Know how to make the most of where people are going by getting an in-depth look at how smart brands are leveraging geo-location to improve engagement.

Social Communication Sponsorships

Use the relationships you form on social communication platforms to develop sponsorship campaigns that resonate with audiences and result in dollars made.

Social Enhancement of Company Culture

Find the best platforms and practices for how your company can improve internal communication, employee incentives and customer service.

QR Codes

Learn how these small, unique graphics can turn into powerful campaign tools that help mobile audiences get connected with deeper levels of content.

Social Good

Take your social communication experience and training and use it to help your fellow men and women in need all over the world.

Twitter-Promoted Products

Get a sense of how products in a variety of industries and verticals have used the Twittersphere in creating successful, sustained campaigns.


Make the World’s Largest Professional Network a place where your brand can thrive and qualified candidates can be easily identified.

Social Media HR

Improve your hiring process with the help of various social platforms and tools – from identification of qualified candidates to the moment you make an offer.


Be trained in the platform where microblogging thrives and memes are made, including content management and mobile uploads.

Developing Social Policy

Learn how to draw a practical policy from your corporate culture, creating simple connection points for legal and human resources.

Social Media Crisis Communications

Develop and implement a social communication policy that empowers your company when faced with a situation that presents a significant challenge and requires immediate response.

Identifying Internal Influencers

Convert your fans into brand champions by learning how to find your loyalists, activate them when the time is right, and reward them for advancing your cause.

Identifying Brand Advocates

Find out how a brand advocate is different from an influencer. Then create the programs and incentives that make them amazing selling tools.

Photo Enhancement Applications

Let dRU’s hard work and market research reveal the tools that offer the best functionality and value for you. This class also includes best practices for capturing images.


Put yourself on course to learning this mobile platform and how its photo-sharing and messaging functionality can create business opportunities.

Top Tech Gadgets

See the best products that dRU has reviewed and get practical training on how to implement them within your social strategies.

Email Efficiency

Start generating emails that are more effective and efficient with dRU’s training on etiquette, tone and organization.


Take full advantage of this effective support platform for social strategies and implementation, including the different account levels and perks.


Sit back and listen while dRU shows you how this versatile platform has been used for branding as well as the enhancement of company culture.

Ready, Set, Pause

Stress gets in the way of everything. So how can you improve your own mindset, health and surrounding culture by hitting the reset button?

Design Your Own Day

Greater levels of creativity. Increased productivity. Effective-yet-mobile employees. The dR work day structure has powerful implications on how business is done today.

Life Compass

By identifying and setting goals for the personal and business aspects of life, the course to success becomes clearer. And happiness soon follows.

Personal Board of Directors/Personal KPIs

Who says the wisdom of business can’t be applied to life in general? This class includes instruction on how to set up your Personal Board of Directors and developing Key Performance Indicators.

Finding a Mentor

So many factors can play into finding the right person to help your development, including social resumes, personal content development and relationship management.

Community Involvement

Once you identify your passions and purpose in life, the prospect of real community inclusion and involvement becomes real.

Royal Shorts

As a bonus to enrolled students, Digital Royalty University will also offer these educational and entertaining videos on practical social communication subjects, such as the most useful keyboard shortcuts and the latest in must-have apps. Stay tuned for the very latest.

New classes will be offered on a regular basis and will be developed to address dRU student needs. Please check back regularly to see what’s coming next. If you don’t see a class you’d like to take, either email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below.