Social Media Customer Service

With the rise of social media there’s no doubt that consumers customer service expectations have skyrocketed. If you’re aren’t answering your consumers via social media, it’s like not answering your telephone. This class will walk you though the steps for creating a strategic plan to handle customer service issues and praises, as well as identifying the right person to manage your social customer service efforts. During the class you will review practical applications, successful case studies and live demonstrations on how to set-up listening and monitoring tools. Length: 60 Minutes

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2. Seven Steps to a Social Media Customer Service Strategy

Length: 10 minutes

Learning how to show some skin is an important part of providing great customer service via social media channels. In this lesson, you will learn how to develop your customer service strategy in seven simple steps.

3. Prevent Negative Experiences

Length: 4 minutes

This lesson discusses how to prevent your customers from having a negative experience when communicating with your brand via social media. Learn about Digital Royalty’s Listening Cycle.

4. Learn How To Listen

Length: 12 minutes

In this lesson, you’ll be introduced to some important listening tools including, Twitter lists, TweetDeck, and Topsy.

6. Customer Service on Twitter

Length: 5 minutes

This lesson will give you examples on how customize your customer service strategy to Twitter by using a UPS Case Study.

8. Ready, Set, Pause

Length: 6 minutes

Take an adult time-out and absorb all the information you have learned with a Ready, Set, Pause. This lesson tells the story of how Ready, Set, Pause came to be and explains the health benefits of breaking the patterns of continuous stress.

10. Conclusion and Thank You

Length: 3 minutes

This lesson concludes the class and includes a thank-you note from our partners at Teach For America. Because you purchased this class, a teacher will receive a class and be able to continue bridging the communication gap between students, parents, and teachers.