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Social Media Customer Service

10 Lessons

With the rise of social media there’s no doubt that consumers customer service expectations have skyrocketed. If you’re aren’t answering your consumers via social media, it’s like not answering your telephone. This class will walk you though the steps for creating a strategic plan to handle customer service issues and praises, as well as identifying the right person to manage your social customer service efforts. During the class you will review practical applications, successful case studies and live demonstrations on how to set-up listening and monitoring tools. Length: 60 Minutes


Social Media Crisis & Policy

11 Lessons

Social media can be a company’s best defense when it comes to tackling PR issues or handling a company controversy. Through relevant examples, case studies, demos and quizzes, this class will arm you with the appropriate knowledge to handle any communication crisis situation. Additionally, this class will also walk you through the process of developing and implementing social media policies and strategies to empower employees to become active within the social media space. Length: 44 Minutes


Parent's Guide: The Other Talk

14 Lessons

This class is designed to be a toolkit that will help educate you and your children on all the benefits of social media, as well as the precautions that should be made when your child approaches the social space. Social media will play a role in your child’s future, whether it’s getting admitted into college or landing their dream job. This toolkit arms you with everything you need to know to help set them up for social media success. The class includes lessons, live demos, downloadable guides and activities for you and your child to complete together. Length: 111 Minutes


Personal Branding

9 Lessons

In this class, you’ll learn how to establish and develop your personal brand using social communication tools. You’ll discover how to identify your value offering and content strategy, as well as create a strong presence on outlets such as Tumblr, Wordpress, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest. This strategic class includes case studies and interactive applications that will help get your personal brand strategy rocking and rolling. Length: 58 Minutes


Emerging Platforms - Anonymous Apps, Social Chat & More

1 Lessons

As a social media user in 2015, it's sometimes difficult to stay on top of the next big trend in social communications. But don't worry, we've got your back! In this class, we chat about emerging social platforms like messaging and anonymous apps, as well as how brands are getting creative with Vine and Snapchat to grab their audience's attention.

New Courses


Facebook 201

4 Lessons

If you’re already well versed with Facebook, this advanced class will give you an in-depth look into the platform and strategies to both humanize and monetize your social media presence. We’ll cover strategies for building an engaged community, leveraging Facebook as a customer service tool, reviewing advertising products, applications, tools, case studies and providing live demonstrations. After completing the class you’ll walk away with ideas and inspiration to fuel your own Facebook strategy. Length: 44 Minutes


8 Royal Rules

2 Lessons

8 Royal Rules is a free, introductory class that will kick-start your social media strategy. By taking this introductory class, you will learn all the essentials of shaping a social media strategy and how to build a great social media foundation. Length: 60 Minutes


Art of Social Event Activation

13 Lessons

In this class you will learn how to build a successful event activation strategy for your upcoming event. The class will cover three different components of an event: before the event, during and after your event. We will walk through specific demos and case studies of succesful event activation strategies from top brands in the space. Length: 40 Minutes


Twitter 101

9 Lessons

Get ready to learn all the amazing things you can do with 140 characters. Whether you’re a casual Twitter user, an entrepreneur or a blogger, this class provides you with the familiarity and core knowledge you need to tweet like a pro. You’ll also learn from case studies focused on experts in a variety of industries and real-life applications through demos. Length: 90 Minutes


Facebook Uncovered

16 Lessons

Master the world’s largest social media platform. Learn everything from platform fundamentals to how engaged communities are established. The real power in this social media platform is revealed as you learn all the possibilities for corporate and personal brands through real examples and case studies. Build and optimize your own Facebook brand page while following along with live demos. Length: 65 Minutes


Emerging Platforms - Pinterest, Instagram & More

3 Lessons

In this class, you will learn how to master a few of the fastest growing social media platforms. We’ll dive into Pinterest, Instagram, along with a few other applications that will visually enhance your social media strategy. Learn best practices and applications through a variety of demos and case studies from some of the top brands within the space. Length: 55 Minutes



4 Lessons

In this class you will learn the ins and the outs of Google+, whether for personal or professional use. The class will guide you through setting-up and optimizing your Google+ page. The instructor will walk you through live demos of all the key functionalities of Google+ including, Google+ Hangouts, Circles, Communities and tips for enhancing your SEO through your Google+ presence. Learn best practices and applications through a variety of case studies from some of the top brands on Google+. Length: 34 Minutes

Twitter201_icon copy

Twitter 201

7 Lessons

Twitter 201 will review advanced tactics and strategies to take your presence on Twitter to the next level. The class will walk through how to build an engaging community, explore different tools to measure and monitor your Twitter strategy, advertising products available and successful case studies by major brands. By the end of this class you’ll be armed with the knowledge and the confidence to head in the right direction and begin to monetize your Twitter presence. Length: 45 Minutes